If you're reading this, someone told you about a unique token called "Seedz" (it's not a misspelling). Seedz could very well be the avenue towards a better understanding of cryptocurrency and — if you're lucky — an avenue towards you growing your capital into generational wealth. Interested? Let's go.


If Financial Engineers and Cryptocurrency Developers had a love child, they’d call it “Decentralized Finance.” Today that love-child (fondly called “DeFi”) has over $50 billion total locked-in value and is creating millions and millions more in value for those who operate in this sector of crypto.

The version of DeFi…

In late September 2020, the team at Opes.Finance (the team behind wPE) released “Beast Mode” to the world. Things haven’t been quite the same since.

The Setup

In a “normal” yielding and staking arrangement, one would expect to yield a token-based upon their percentage makeup of the staking pool multiplied by the…

In order to deal with USDC with regards to the wPE/ETH Liquidity Pool (LP) one would need to understand where the person looking to place capital stood from the perspective of where their funds were. Specifically, are the funds in Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, or Metamask?

Just in Coinbase or Coinbase Pro?

If the funds are in…


This guide assumes that you have funded your Metamask wallet with enough of one of the following ERC-20 tokens, Ethereum, USD, USDC, USDT, or wPE to provide liquidity. You should plan on having enough for your capital placement as well as the Ethereum gas fees.


Etherum First, open Your Metamask…

Vince Wicker

Dad, husband, consultant, disruptor — huge fan of smart solutions to hard problems, supply chain awesomeness & blockchain efficiency

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