The Missing Shopify Mobile Landing Page

Understand How this Powerful Shopify and ManyChat Integration can Drive 57% to 137% Improvements in CPC, Engagement, and Top-of-Funnel Performance

It’s come to my attention that a lot of people have been thinking about using Facebook Messenger and Shopify in a way that makes them wait until after someone has reached their store before they can really start engaging them with a bot.

When they do get in the store, they have all the capabilities to engage them from doing some extraordinarily targeted — albeit manual — stuff. Nonetheless, the features are really cool. But it's the sort of “cool stuff” that happens after they get to the store — bottom of the funnel.

What about the top of the funnel? If you — a Shopify store owner or agency working for one — could prime the pump beforehand how much easier would life be?

What if you had a way to run ads, send emails, or make posts that linked directly to your messenger bot and brought back targeted products or collections of products — directly from your Shopify store.

What I really mean is:

  • no manual prep
  • no manual copying and pasting of urls and images
  • no being out of synch with inventory
  • no pretending you don’t have size and color variants
  • no Google Sheets — nothing with the word “sheets” in it at all.

How cool would it be if someone were to choose a product type, style or collection that they could all be presented in a dynamic gallery?

That’s what we tried to pull off with ManyShop — an out-of-the-box Facebook Messenger solution for Shopify store owners that just works. period.

Accessible from the ManyChat App Store you’ll find ManyShop (we call it “Messenger Sales Kit for Shopify” now) and all the other ManyChat approved apps one mouse-click away. Next, connect ManyChat and Shopify to ManyShop. Then all that’s left is loading in the license key. In a matter of minutes, users are up and running — ready to start showing off their store in Messenger.

Once connected, setting up a flow and dynamic gallery in ManyChat can be done in less than 90 seconds. Products of your choosing directly connected to Shopify in ManyChat.

It’s the missing option we’ve always wanted. Abandoned cart, order status, and catalog info have been awesome. However, with top of funnel control — the horizon is wide open.

Messenger Sales Kit for Shopify combines the power of three industry-leading tools to create an integrated mobile landing page app. In combining Shopify, Facebook Messenger, and ManyChat, we’re unleashing the value Shopify store owners want — with the tools they need to fill their funnel at a fraction of what their competitors are paying.

And if you’re a ManyChat bot builder — Messenger Sales Kit for Shopify adds massive value to the services you offer. Just think how valuable it is when one can combine their insight into conversational commerce with their Shopify knowledge.

Messenger Sales Kit for Shopify (

I encourage you to check out Messenger Sales Kit for Shopify before we raise the price when we add-in text-based AI product search.

Find out more here





Dad, husband, consultant, disruptor — huge fan of smart solutions to hard problems, supply chain awesomeness & blockchain efficiency

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Vince Wicker

Vince Wicker

Dad, husband, consultant, disruptor — huge fan of smart solutions to hard problems, supply chain awesomeness & blockchain efficiency

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