Things are Happening with OPES.Finance & wPE!

CoinGecko Launch and BEES.Social Partnership

Vince Wicker
2 min readApr 30, 2021


This is only the first of quite a few wPE announcements about wPE. We’re pretty excited about what we’ve been able to do since November and it looks like the market thinks so too!

Check us out here:

Uniswap Chart 04/29/2021 8:54pm

We’re Launching on CoinGecko!

Those charts (above) have been what we’ve done in stealth with our partners. When we launch this week on CoinGecko (oh, did I mention that?), that’s when you’ll see us in the clear light of day. Check us out on Coin Gecko! Search for “WPE”!

wPE is Launching on CoinGecko!

We’re Partnering with BEES.Social

We couldn’t be more excited about sharing what we’re doing with the BEES.Social community. We’ve kept it under wraps but now you can check them out here LINK. They’ve done an awesome job with their 1-click exchanges and more (

A Peek Into the BEES.Social 1-Click Token Exchange

We’ve been waiting to share this for months and we’re happy we’re finally able to. We wanted to make sure that everything we came to market with was going to be a part of something groundbreaking.

We think we pulled it off — check it out and see what we have going on! As always, follow us on Twitter or join us on Telegram to get the latest info about OPES Finance and the community. We answer all the questions we get!

But Wait, There’s More!

Follow this channel for even more announcements next week! You’ll hear it here first!

stay tuned for more — we’re excited!



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