Asset-Backed NFTs Will Free Us All in DeFi

If Financial Engineers and Cryptocurrency Developers had a love child, they’d call it “Decentralized Finance.” Today that love-child (fondly called “DeFi”) has over $50 billion total locked-in value and is creating millions and millions more in value for those who operate in this sector of crypto.

The version of DeFi we see today is a result of accelerated technology evolutions, punctuated from time to time with amazingly intuitive adoption-focused revolutions. The entirety of this work has been done in the service of creating solid, workable, decentralized financial use cases.

BEES.Social is excited to announce another adoption-focused innovation to DeFi. This…

A Cautionary Tale and Tips on How to Not Panic

One of the promises we make to our community is to go out of our way to ensure that they know what they can do to remain protected.

So today, when I came across a disturbing story about a mobile phone and crypto exploit that had been going on since 2017, I decided to dig into it a little bit with the help of Phillip Ross, a member of the BEES. Social community who digs into security protection and prevention on our BEES Social TV (YouTube).

This is the Facebook Group post I saw this morning.”

CoinGecko Launch and BEES.Social Partnership

This is only the first of quite a few wPE announcements about wPE. We’re pretty excited about what we’ve been able to do since November and it looks like the market thinks so too!

Check us out here:

The DeFi Revolution Is Only One Click Away

In late September 2020, the team at Opes.Finance (the team behind wPE) released “Beast Mode” to the world. Things haven’t been quite the same since.

The Setup

In a “normal” yielding and staking arrangement, one would expect to yield a token-based upon their percentage makeup of the staking pool multiplied by the token’s yield algorithm.

In a simple example — and in no way representing the BEES.Social yield algorithm — one would see a staking pool consisting of two players, one with 15% of the pool and one with 85% of the pool.

As expected, the participant supplying 85% of the stake…

Efficiently Budgeting for Gas Fees and Beast Mode to Start

Psst. If you aren’t using BEES.Social to run Uniswap token swaps and add capital to Uniswap liquidity pools; not only are you in the slow lane — you’re also paying more.

If you’re reading this, we assume you’ve read the 1-step guide but want a little more. A “little more” covers two areas: Ethereum Gas Fee estimates for the initial transaction and the estimated cost (including Ethereum Gas Fees) for your first “Beast Mode.”

If you don’t know what an amazing thing “Beast Mode” can be for your capital on BEES.Social, read the guide we’ve linked to help make sense…

Quick Refresh Tip

It has come to our attention that after some people confirm their transaction on Metamask, when they look inside the Missions “Hive” they don't see the capital they've staked. There are two methods to resolve this, “Hive Navigation,” and the “Hard Refresh.”

Hive Navigation Method

In this case, one need only to mouse over the “sidebar” at the left-hand side of the page (under the BEES.Social icon) and select “Hives” (bringing you up a level).

Tips on Placing Capital in the ETH-wPE LP when you just have USDC

In order to deal with USDC with regards to the wPE/ETH Liquidity Pool (LP) one would need to understand where the person looking to place capital stood from the perspective of where their funds were. Specifically, are the funds in Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, or Metamask?

Just in Coinbase or Coinbase Pro?

If the funds are in Coinbase the work is almost easy. For about 63% premium over the method we will mention next, one could just trade their USDC to Ethereum and then transfer it into their Metamask wallet. …

A Quick Guide & Update


Please use the 1-Step Staking Guide instead!

When you come to place capital in a Hive on BEES.Social, most Hives have a one-step method in which one can add liquidity and stake their liquidity pool (LP) tokens. All except for the ETH-WPE Liquidity Pool.

When you select “Add Liquidity” instead of instructions as in this case (link) you are presented with this screen. I know — WHAAAT?

But we have an answer to this challenge.

A Step by Step Guide to Staking within Your Metamask Wallet on iOS


This guide assumes that you have funded your Metamask wallet with enough of one of the following ERC-20 tokens, Ethereum, USD, USDC, USDT, or wPE to provide liquidity. You should plan on having enough for your capital placement as well as the Ethereum gas fees.


Etherum First, open Your Metamask Wallet on your phone,

Next, Select the “hamburger” the three lines at the top left of the screen

This Is What Your Friends Really Want for You

As you may or may not know, BEES.Social is the largest crypto community on the planet. It's where people learn from people and grow their capital.

There is no requirement to contribute capital — but if you do it's in your name, from your wallet, into your account, in a publicly tradeable exchange. No one from BEES.Social will ever ask you to send them your capital. Ever.

Absolute Beginner

If you’ve never participated in the world of cryptocurrency, then you’re in luck, this is a step-by-step guide to help you onboard into BEES.Social. …

Vince Wicker

Dad, husband, consultant, disruptor — huge fan of smart solutions to hard problems, supply chain awesomeness & blockchain efficiency

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