Your Activity Has Direct Bearing Your Wealth Growth

Asset-Backed NFTs Will Free Us All in DeFi

A Cautionary Tale and Tips on How to Not Panic

CoinGecko Launch and BEES.Social Partnership

The DeFi Revolution Is Only One Click Away

The Setup

In a “normal” yielding and staking arrangement, one would expect to yield a token-based upon their percentage makeup of the staking pool multiplied by the…

Efficiently Budgeting for Gas Fees and Beast Mode to Start

Hive Navigation Method

Tips on Placing Capital in the ETH-wPE LP when you just have USDC

Just in Coinbase or Coinbase Pro?

If the funds are in…

A Quick Guide & Update

A Step by Step Guide to Staking within Your Metamask Wallet on iOS


This guide assumes that you have funded your Metamask wallet with enough of one of the following ERC-20 tokens, Ethereum, USD, USDC, USDT, or wPE to provide liquidity. You should plan on having enough for your capital placement as well as the Ethereum gas fees.


Etherum First, open Your Metamask…

Vince Wicker

Dad, husband, consultant, disruptor — huge fan of smart solutions to hard problems, supply chain awesomeness & blockchain efficiency

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